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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

BT blues

I've been reading recently about Dawn's troubles with BT over at

Now we are involved in trouble with BT too. Their customer service is really appalling. The problem is at church and my husband is the one with responsibility for sorting it out.  BT said that there was a problem, there was not a problem, an engineer was coming out, not coming out because there was no problem to sort etc. We didn't know where the wiring entered the building nor could we answer various other questions, so somebody else who did know  went down to church. This chap is self employed and gave up six hours of his working day to sit at church and wait for the BT engineer because BT could only offer a five hour window for the appointment. After it was obvious that the engineer was not coming, we rang BT who said that there was no problem so the appointment had not been made with the engineer. Nobody told us that.  And there was still no internet connection despite there being "no problem". Then we were given a date by which the problem would be fixed. No, of course it was not fixed by then. Apology?  What apology? Nobody seemed to care. We were annoyed on behalf of the chap who is self employed and had given up most of a working day to help his church but to no purpose because of BT.  So my husband got on the phone to BT and had a very long phone call getting passed continually to someone higher in authority until somebody had the decency to apologise. Only words but it is a start.

And the internet connection is now back and working albeit some considerable time after the problem began..  I am left with the conviction that I will never willingly have internet connection through BT.

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  • At 11:38 PM, Blogger Fran said…

    I have had no end of problems with BT. Despite every other boat around us getting a landline for free, BT have decided that they want £1000 form us to install one. It's not their fault of course, it is apparently an EU directive. Yeah right, just an excuse to rip us off. Eventually told them where they could put their landline and am looking into satellite phone/internet xxx


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