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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fresh Food

We've just taken delivery of a lamb for the freezer.  It grew up on my friend's farm and I probably cuddled it when it was little.  I know it had a good life and was well looked after so I am happier to have it in my freezer than any random lamb from a butcher or supermarket. I paid a fair price for it and am happy to do so in this instance because I know its background.  At other times, I love yellow stickered items from the supermarket because it reduces my outgoings.

This lamb is beautiful meat and we use it for special meals and celebrations.  It is a dark red and because the animal lived outside for a whole year (longer than the meat in the shops) then it is more "beeflike" in texture.

But...  There is always a but, isn't there : )

In this case it is not a very serious one but it is costing me money.  I had understood that the lamb was coming a week later than it did and that I would therefore have this weekend to sort out the freezers enough to fit in the packets of meat...  So I was a bit taken aback when the meat was delivered a week earlier than expected and we had to sort the freezer there and then.  We hadn't enough time left before bedtime and we were tired after work so we were not able to do a very good job.  We had to take out of the chest freezer what we could of the bulky and least expensive items and hope that we wouldn't waste too much of them. And so the lamb is in but the freezer lid doesn't quite close ( just a fraction open) and I can just hear that electricity meter ticking away at double speed... and it will continue doing so until the weekend and we can have a major sort out.  Grrr. A heavy blanket hopefully will help to keep the cold air where it should be and the warmer air out where it should be too.



  • At 3:04 PM, Blogger Astra said…

    i really love lamb and I think I should buy a whole one from someone local too, its a much better way to purchase meat, we go without meat so often because i refuse to buy non-free range!

    I saw a few of those 30 ways to save £1, how did you get paid for it? I liked your list btw :)


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