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Monday, January 28, 2013

Lettuce have salad

Sorry : )

I forgot to add to the Christmas roundup that we ate the last of our salad leaves on New Year's Day.  We tried to grow salad leaves last summer as we usually do but they didn't do very well and although we had a reasonable number of meals off them, most of the plants died.  Then I was in the supermarket and bought a pack of living salad that had been reduced to 70p.  Those 8 lettuce plants (4 each of 2 different types) were transplanted into a tub and have kept us in salad ever since - with the help of a very occasional reduced to 20p bag.  We kept picking some leaves off each plant and like Topsy, they just growed and growed.

Now, we are down to two little lettuce stumps in the pot that, with the snow, I hadn't got round to removing.  Yesterday I spotted that one of them is sprouting again.  That pack of living salad was definitely a bargain!

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