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Friday, March 08, 2013

Spring onions in the spring

I was looking up something on YouTube a few weeks ago and one of the extras that appeared at the side was an article on extending the life of spring onions.  These extras are usually something vaguely associated with whatever you are looking for, which in this case was music, so what spring onions have to do with music totally escapes me.  But I was intrigued so I clicked on it to find out what it was about.

Apparently, if you use the green part of the spring onion and then pop the white part with the root still attached into a cup of water, the green part keeps on growing again. 

So when I got a bunch of spring onions (reduced, of course) I thought I would give it a go. I very rarely indulge in spring onions because my husband is convinced that they give him indigestion and so won't eat them.  One bunch is too big for me to get through on my own before they go off and I do much prefer the green part to the white.

And it works!  I put the bunch into a mug of water and keep snipping off a bit of the green to add to every salad and the bunch is still fresh as the proverbial daisy about six weeks later and lots more still to eat (and grow).  I've also tried doing what the Youtube clip said and cutting off the green part and just putting the white into water and that grew back several times although not as big as it originally was. 

So now I can buy a reduced bunch and know that I'll get more than my money's worth. So thank you to YouTube for a weird search result that has turned out great : )

(I don't usually grow them because I can't eat them fast enough on my own even if I just use cheapie Lidl packet of seeds.)

You may well all have known how to keep a bunch of spring onions going but this was news to me.



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