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Sunday, July 01, 2012

This week has been soooo busy.  I'm still not over my latest chest infection and need frequent breaks or I don't make it through the day.  Stairs or going anywhere quickly just take my breath away so I'm having a quiet day today to try and recoup enough energy to manage at work for another week.

My husband has run three conferences at work this week, with all sorts of big wigs from industry in for them.  Stressful!  It also means being in work very early and home very late - that means me as well as we work at the same school.  Next week he only has one of these to do but he is also taking all of year 7 from our school and from our nearest secondary school to the local university and running an activity day for them.  Our minister is on holiday so my husband took last Sunday's service, the midweek service and this morning's service too.  If he finds a quarter of an hour "free", then he has exam marking to keep on top of - both internal and external.  Allotment?  What allotment?

We brought the school chicks home on Friday.  They are 7 weeks old and not chicks any more.  They are now living in my spare converted rabbit hutch with run for the next few weeks until it is clear beyond the shadow of a doubt, how many cockerels we have.

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