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Sunday, June 22, 2008

It was raining all day yesterday when I wanted to wash and dry the sheets and towels. The weather forecast said that it would be dry and blowy for most of today so I got a load on washing and pegged it out before church this morning. Then I left a load washing and pegged it out when we got back from church. Those two loads have dried beautifully in the breeze and smell lovely. I did a third load and pegged it out after lunch but I've just brought it in half dry because there is now a smattering of rain in the breeze and with all the clouds now quite grey, I thought it would be better to quit while I was ahead.

The hens have broken three eggs over the weekend before I got to them so I only just have enough eggs for my Monday customer. These eggs were quite thin-shelled so it is obviously time for a top up of calcium. The mixed corn contains crushed oyster shell which helps as grit for the digestion as well as calcium to help the shell quality. Every now and then I bake some eggshells in the oven when it is on for something else and then put them in a really thick and strong plastic bag that I keep for this purpose - and stand on them and jump up and down until all is finely crushed. Then I make up a mash with hot water and some layers pellets (preferably the powdery, end of the sack bits) and add in the crushed eggshell. They love it and see it as a treat but they won't eat the eggshell readily any other way that I've tried.

We've spotted a suitable house with 4 1/2 acres of land. If it is still up for sale when the school holidays start, then we'll go and view it. I'm determined not to get excited because I've fallen in love with too many places only to be really disappointed when we've actually gone to see them. I never cease to be amazed at how estate agents' particulars can make the most unprepossessing place sound wonderful on paper.

I'm well through sorting all the books in my Library. The Grand Opening Ceremony is on Friday next and they still can't tell me when the replacement shelves are coming. And I can't put books on shelves that have not arrived... I'm so tired! Moving books is hard work. And my wrists ache lots. One of my pupil librarians who has just finished his exams, came in last Friday and spent the whole day moving books for me. I was so pleased and very grateful. I would not have been so far forward without his help. And I've got 4 1/2 working days left to have everything just so.

Must go. The ironing beckons.


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