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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I've just spotted that I've made 50 posts now. That is more than I thought. Last time I posted, the weather was warm but we seem to have gone back to much colder weather again. I've been really cold in work this week as the heating is off for the summer now.

We've been getting just a few more eggs recently - averaging 4 most days from the 7 that are laying. In fact, I was able to sell a fifth box of eggs this week. That is a little bit eggstra in the pot to pay for their food when the winter is here and they are not laying. In the summer holiday, when I am not supplying my school customers, I hope to put a few bags of lightly beaten egg in the freezer so that we can have some home produced egg dishes when the winter comes.

I've been reading a blog from a lady in Australia:

Rhonda Jean encourages people to simplify their lives and explains how she and her husband go about it. She gives some recipes for homemade washing powder and liquid that I would like to try when I have finished all that i have in stock at the moment. Like me, Rhonda Jean does not shop from week to week, but shops to fill the storecupboard when items are on offer. I find this cuts my grocery bill down a great deal when averaged out over the year and so does she. This blog is well written in an easy-to-read style and so is a good read as well as being full of useful information.

It is just a week until half term holiday - but what a week! During the holiday, my Library at school is being moved from one side of the site to the other. A firm is going to be brought in to move the items that are currently on the shelves, which is a great relief to me, as there are around 10,500 items on the shelves. But I have already packed over 50 boxes with items that are not on the shelves, stationery, files etc etc and I am not finished yet. Of course, this packing in done in addition to my normal workload... And then, after, there is the unpacking...

But, right now, there is the ironing, or there will be no shirts to wear to work tomorrow!


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