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Sunday, October 14, 2007

It was my birthday this week and also my son's so we had a family get-together for a meal. It was nice to have everybody sitting around the same table. We don't very often manage to have everybody free on the same day. Once upon a time, there were just the two of us and now the tribe is nine strong as everybody pairs off.

My breadmaking is not doing very well this term. Life is just too busy at the moment. Fortunately I've found several bargain 10p - 20p loaves so bread has not been a big expense but I do miss good, wholesome homemade bread. Maybe I can make some during halfterm and pop some loaves in the freezer if there is enough space.

The hens laid 6 eggs today, for a change. And the rabbit is moulting now too. And the cats. It all goes in the compost bins so all the hair will help aerate the soil. It is amazing how much hair comes off them, considering it is the summer coat they are losing. I expect lots from them losing the thick winter coat and that gets left in the garden for the birds to use in their nests.

Zzzzz. Time for an early night. Zzzzz.


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