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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

More cooking

We went to the allotment and picked all the rest of the raspberries. I prepared some more of the windfall apples I was given and made jam with the apple and raspberries with a handful of medlars and some late blackberries that were in a sheltered corner and one or two other bits and pieces. Hence the name raspberry allsorts jam. I had saved all the nicer bits of peel and cores from the apples and made some pectin stock which included our entire grape crop from this year (all five little bunches of unripe grapes) so I used a pint of that to help stretch the jam to another pot or two.

I still have marmalade to make and I'll stretch that with a little extra pectin stock too. I want to make some orange marmalade but I've also got a recipe for apple marmalade and I have yet more windfalls to use up... : )

Yesterday I was down at church making soup. Pumpkin soup - seven gallons of it.... Guess what is the "special" for next week? That is right - pumpkin soup for bonfire night. It will go in their freezer in tubs all ready to be taken out one at a time as needed. It took about six hours of chopping etc to produce that quantity of soup. And I was in bed early and slept well!



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