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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've had a headache since Sunday and it is just starting to ease off. At times like this, I find that life gets pared back to the essentials because I do not have the capacity for the "frills". I've also been mulling round the thoughts of moving to somewhere with a little bit of land. I'm all at sea in my thinking. I'd hate to live somewhere far away from my little grandson and not watch him grow up. I'd miss my family and friends. People say that they would come and visit but it does not usually happen very often and the infrequent visits dwindle as time goes on. I'd hate my children to think that they had to do a "duty visit" a couple of times a year. My husband's asthma is always incredibly better when we are outside of the city. We just can't afford to move anywhere in this area. What to do?


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