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Monday, March 22, 2010

I went to visit my friend on her smallholding again yesterday to check up on her lambs. She had 4 ewes in lamb and 3 have produced so far. Last week's twins are huge compared to the size they were last week but small cpmpared to the other 2 lambs which are both single lambs. All very, very cute.

On Saturday, my grandson learned to roll over. Last night, when I saw him, he was doing it like a pro. Life will never be the same for his parents again :)

Up until now, my grandson stayed where you put him on the floor - but now he can move and things will have to be moved out of his way as he will be able to get at them. His dad was moving across the floor at a rate of knots by 3 months. He was not up on his knees but could move his arms along and drag his legs and body after him at surprising speed. By 5 1/2 months he was up on his feet, walking along the furniture. I can remember being told off by the health visitor for letting him do this but she did not exactly tell me how to stop him... The three of them are off for a few days' holiday today as my son has a few days to use up before April.

Eight more days at school before the holiday. Yay!


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