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Monday, February 08, 2010

Well, my husband is back at work today. I made him weigh himself on Saturday and he is still down a stone and his jeans are huge on him. This morning his suit fitted nicely instead of being a little tight... :) We went to church yesterday for his first time outside the house and that really wore him out. He'll certainly be tired tonight.

I'm frozen this morning. The heating failed to come on in my area of the school this morning so it was 12 degrees when I arrived. It is warming up now but I've only just taken my coat off. At home I am dressed for a cold house but for work I dress for 20-22 degrees. It really makes a difference.

I lost my favourite hen on Saturday. Mrs Speckledy was an old lady - she must have been 8 or maybe even 9 years old. I've lost count. Anyway, there she was all of a heap when I went out to give them a handful of corn on Saturday afternoon. She was a real character and I'll miss her. She laid a reliable 2 eggs a week right through last spring and summer. I always knew her eggs because they were a different shape - longer and narrower than the others with quite a pointed end and often a shade darker than the others but not always. My hens lay different coloured eggs so I can always pin the egg down to one or two hens so I know which ones to keep an eye on if they are not laying well in the spring or summer.

We've decided to go away for a long weekend at halfterm. We often do at February half term. It is cheaper to rent a cottage at this time of the year but the chief reason is normally that a good blast of fresh country air does wonders for my husband's asthma at the end of the winter. This year, I want a bit of fresh air too. My son and a neighbour are going to share the animal sitting so that it is not too invasive on the free time of either.

We have a small supermarket in our area of the city. It was Presto when we moved here, then it became Safeway, then Morrisons, then Somerfield and half turned into a Coop. However, it has been sold to Asda and this weekend, it started selling off lots of the goods at up to half price off in preparation for a complete refit of the shop. I went to have a look and have filled all the gaps in the freezer with quite a few items at half price. Things such as a kilo pack of good quality sausages and fish fillets. Anyway, we have enough things to feed us for 2-3 weeks of meals at an average of 40 pence per portion plus veg. I'll pop in again next weekend in the hope of catching some more of the bargains because they are obviously reducing items in stages. The reductions will help with the cost of our weekend away. Yay!

The coat is back on. Working heating did not last long....


  • At 1:31 PM, Blogger Frugal Life UK said…

    what is it with school heating? ours is a lottery, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!


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