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Monday, October 26, 2009

Half term! Yay!!

We've got plans for doing a few of the usual jobs, doing some (just some) of the jobs that didn't get done over the summer and going to the allotment.

We also want to visit a property for sale with 4 acres. The price scares me silly. We would have to stay at work and it would take an extra hour morning AND evening for travel so we'd be too tired to work the land but we'd have to earn in order to pay the mortgage - and at the same time save every penny possible (as if I'm not pretty well doing that already) in order to pay the mortgage down so the the lump sum on retirement would finish paying off the debt. And then we would own the property but have no money left to do any repairs etc. But that is the price of property round here if I want to stay close enough to see my new grandson grow up. I'm really tied in knots over this whole thing. Moving to somewhere like Wales, which was our original plan, would be a bit cheaper but we could not stay at work so we couldn't have a mortgage. It is the land that is the problem and pushes the price up. If we stayed in this house and just stopped work, would that be enough to improve my husband's asthma? We couldn't have any more animals. Oh, isn't life full of difficult decisions.


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