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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Well, here I am posting for the first time on my first blog. Where do I start? I suppose the name gives it away really. I wannabe a smallholder and not an urban dweller. I would like to have a field or two and a house with a green view and preferably a hill or two in sight. And animals.

I have some chickens in the garden now, so that is a start. I have 5 bantams which I took on from an elderly gentleman who couldn't look after them any more - they are not very good at laying. They would rather sit on imaginary eggs in the nest box. And then there is my oldest hen who still lays about 4 eggs every week. And then there are the 6 new kids on the block. They are warrens, bought last week at point of lay - but not quite there yet. I am so looking forward to lots of eggs again, like when we first had hens. They are lovely, friendly little hens who are fast learning that my approach means food of some sort, even if only a dandelion leaf.

Anyway, back soon.


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