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Sunday, March 24, 2019


My mother-in-law had a fall and has been in and out of hospital. It is her first real fall and she has done a thorough job of it. We've been down to the southwest to see her once and will be going down again soon.  It is a 200 mile drive (so 400 there and back) so it is not something you do in an afternoon. Add to that the fact that some days she is not up to visitors, and we  need to be there several days to make sure we can see her on a good day. It is a good thing that there are other family who live much nearer than us so she can have regular visitors.

The first visit was also our first experience of Airbnb. We stayed in a fabulous old cottage which was quirky and spanking clean and I would love to go back. The next time we will be staying in a small converted barn on a farm. If anyone wants to stay with Airbnb then get in touch and I'll recommend you because then you get £25 off your stay. I'll get some credit too but not as much as you. Worth having!



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